MDC: SADC reluctant to approach Zim issue head-on

Published on The Zimbabwean, by Violet Gonda, 10 Sept 2009.

The MDC were dealt a huge blow Tuesday when the SADC Heads of State summit in Kinshasa, ended with nothing but calls from the regional bloc for the removal of ‘sanctions against Zimbabwe’, without any pre-conditions. (Pictured: MDC spokesperson Nelson Chamisa)

SADC did not approve the MDC’s call for a special summit on Zimbabwe, even though the political parties remain deadlocked on a number of issues and the Global Political Agreement has yet to be fully implemented. Instead the block recommended a meeting of the less influential Troika on Politics, Defence and Security. 

Reacting to the outcome of the Kinshasa summit, MDC spokesperson Nelson Chamisa said: “There is still an inconclusive structure of government, governors are not yet appointed, the Gono and Tomana issue are still not concluded but there is reluctance by SADC to approach things head-on.”

“There is burying of the head in the sand and the decisions and choices (being made) look at one side and listen to one side without looking at this matter objectively. We have outstanding issues as a country. They are not MDC issues, they are national issues that are supposed to be dealt with for purposes of injecting confidence in the nation and also to the entire international community.”

Chamisa added; ‘It is disheartening, discouraging and disappointing that we have an ostrich mentality of burying the head in the sand,’ and that ‘kid gloving’ is fast becoming the conduct of leaders in Africa …

… If anyone was hoping that SADC would, one day soon, hold a special summit on Zimbabwe, Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba made it very clear that is never going to happen.

Also quoted in the Herald he said: “SADC is not an inter-party body, it is an inter-governmental organisation. An extraordinary summit is only convened by member states to deal with an urgent and threatening issue. The remarkable progress registered by the inclusive Government is far from being a menace and is in fact a happy occurrence in which SADC leaders are celebrating and will not call an extraordinary summit for.”  (full text).

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