ABC, Teaching Human Rights

Practical Activities for primary and secondary Schools

Published on, by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, 2003.

Download this big text in Arabic, in Chinese, in English, in French, in Russian, or in Spanish.

This is a second and expanded edition of the popular ABC booklet issued by the UN High Commissioner’s Office in 1978, and which since then has been translated into many languages. ABC, Teaching Human Rights provides basic information for teachers in primary and secondary schools who want to foster awareness and knowledge of human rights and the sense of reciprocity and universality upon which it is based. It aims to serve as a user-friendly tool for human rights education and a multi-coloured umbrella covering a number of basic human rights areas. It offers practical advice to teachers and other educators who want to foster human rights awareness and action among primary and secondary school children, including suggestions for developing learning activities. It is not meant to place an extra burden on an already overloaded curriculum but to assist in infusing human rights issues into subjects already taught in schools … (full text).

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