Are We Really Cattle?

Published on, by: Peter Chamberlin, 19 August, 2009.

Have we really become “We the sheeple,” or are we still human beings?  The planet is dying under the thrall of a small minority of men who think of the rest of the human race as “cattle,” livestock for them to buy and sell.

The ruling class behaves much like a spoiled child, if they don’t get to have everything their way all of the time, they throw this massive temper tantrum and threaten to upset the whole game.  They have gotten their way in everything for so long that they have fallen under the spell of their own propaganda.  They believe that we are sub-human animals, who should be herded into the best outcome possible.  But, have the rest of us begun to accept this as well?  

As members of the human herd, most of us recoil at the “bovinian” suggestion, but consider just how much we do behave like a herd.  We willingly accept being treated like a herd, trusting our lives to politicians because we appreciate not having to make hard decisions for ourselves, being contented as cows, as our leaders and their hired hands drive us down a path to destruction, for the sake of them making a few dollars more in profit.

Preserving profits for the ruling elite is the only motivation (other than media-manipulated patriotism and nationalism) compelling us to fight our resource wars in Asia and Africa.  The leaders of the entire world pretend that we are there to fight against terrorism, even though they know that the terrorism comes with us, their hope being their own little “piece of the action.”  The American way is to wage war with dollars, as well as bombs.

What the hell is the matter with people?  Has everyone so bought-in to the propaganda that leads them to their own deaths that they believe the lies that control us?  Willfully following sell-out leaders, who are leading their own countries to death and slavery is more than merely suicidal, it’s something a dumb animal would do.

Does the herd even think of itself as human anymore?  Would it really matter what the herd thought about anything, anyway?  Nothing will change as long as we willingly accept this idiocy.  We have not changed.   We are still human beings.  Our feelings and concerns for ourselves, our families and our friends are legitimate, and just as real and as valid as those shared by the ruling class elitists who send our sons and daughters into battle to control the gas and oil, just like everyone who is being targeted by our government as it sends forth Special Forces and their “Islamist” counterparts to kill, not in the name of freedom, but to seize unfair economic advantage …

… Whether or not this Nation will be part of the new world alliance is a question that each of us must answer.  Will we passively allow the United States to perish from the face of the earth or develop into the full-blown pariah nation that have been becoming, that we will deserve for impeding the advancement of the human race, or will we stop the madness and deception by altering our leaders’ commitment to their present path?   Or, will we interfere with their petty plans?

Barack Obama has a very clear choice to make, whether he is going to be remembered as humanity’s emancipator from war or as history’s last tyrant?   Obama has to decide what means more to him, pursuing a path that will engender hope in the entire human race, or pursuing his own ambition.  Will he take a stand for freedom and human decency by ending all of our wars right now with the stroke of a pen, or will he continue to drag us down the path of total war in Central Asia, the path that we were bound to by the former tyrants, Bush and Cheney? (full long text).

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