Countdown to transformation

a special conference under the stars to celebrate and make ET-contact, October 24-26, 2009, Rio Rico, Arizona, USA

Received by e-mail:
From: Disclosure Project updates
Date: 15/08/2009

You are Invited to join us for 3 days and 3 nights under the stars to celebrate ET CONTACT in the beautiful desert outside of Tucson, AZ with:

  • Steven M. Greer, MD – Director of The Disclosure Project and CSETI, The Center For the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence;
  • Colin Andrews, World Renowned Crop Circle Researcher;
  • Theodore Loder, PhD – Expert on Transformational New Energy Technologies;
  • Lynne D. Kitei, MD – Authority on The Phoenix Lights and other ET contact events in the Arizona area.  

Join us as we share the amazing 18-year history of CSETI Contact with videos, photographs, and audiotapes of actual contact during CSETI expeditions around the world! Each night, we will all gather under the stars to MAKE ET CONTACT together – using light, lasers, electronic tones from Crop Circles and other ET manifestations – and Cosmic Awareness.

Each registrant will receive:

  • The new book documenting 18 years of CSETI Research – Contact: Countdown to Transformation – The CSETI Experience 1992-2009 by Steven M. Greer MD;
  • The historic documentation of these events on the new DVD which contains video footage, photographs, and audiotape recording of ET tones and contact;
  • The CSETI contact and meditation CDs that will teach you advanced techniques in meditation, remote viewing, and the CSETI CE-5 contact protocols;
  • The unveiling of the detailed briefing provided to the new Obama Administration and senior government officials in Washington, DC (provided at check-in ONLY).

Note: Registrants will receive their conference materials when the new book is published in mid-to-late September. Registration is limited, so plan today to attend this historic gathering where we will make mass contact under the stars together! Registration Information.


Addresses: PO Box 265 Crozet, VA 22932, USA;
or PO Box 4556, Largo MD 20775, USA.

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