Big Mountain Native writes an appeal

for us all to listen and honor the traditional Elders of Big Mountain

Linked with Black Mesa Indigenous Support, with Hopi and Navajo Elders Warned Lehman Bros., and with FIRST NATIONS, FIRST RESISTANCE.

Published on Black Mesa Indigenous Support, by -Kat (the Bahe), January 1, 2009.

… It wears down a heart to try and reach people! Here, in AZ, the Indian youths are saying the Peaks are Sacred but they are not in control of the National Forest Lands. They don’t want to hear about Big Mountain genocide and the forced relocation, or even see that We, indigenous peoples are still “in control” of most of Black Mesa and Big Mountain. How the hell are we to survive? Yes, abandon the ancient ways? Live according to something called, “rights,” that are given to us by the oppressor?  

American Indians do not care what Mother Earth might being saying, or maybe they do care. What is Mother Earth saying while her flesh is carved open for minerals and toxic waste dumps? Does she say, ”go to the U.S. officials and try to make ‘your’ point?” Does she say, “go back to the ancient holy lands, revive the chant ways, rebuilt the ancient fires, allow me to embrace you there, and I’ll be fine?”

So, if you wish, check out one of the final postings: ”Ancient Ways Abandoned to Fend for Themselves at Big Mountain”

“ … I don’t think I can define Life. It has to be how much the human mind can take. Utilizing faith is key so, that you can pray when it is difficult and never give up on that faith no matter how painful. The modern-day, human mind seem less durable and it resorts to degrading others, or alcoho lism. Modern way of life has separated our children from us and they have become ‘uncivilized.’ The family units of the Indian are gone. The reliance on horses and sheep herding is the past and the automobile is now the future…” -Dineh Elder, Pauline Whitesinger talks about Life in a recent interview.

Elders like these should be listened to and honored. Their words and experiences should be Our doctrines of manisfesto to challenge corporate and governmental aggression. (full text).

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