The Ripples of the Pulse

Published on World, by Araceli, July 14, 2009.

Even if we are not aware of the phenomenon, the World Pulse is causing rings of ripples that get bigger and bigger as they move away. I have been a witness of this phenomenon and I would like to share it with all of you.

From the US, I went to Uganda and Kenya granted by the Center For Global Health at the university where I teach. The grant was meant for me to work with the prestigious organization Reproductive Health Uganda in Kampala and on female genital cutting for my own project “I am not Cut” in Kenya.

Once I had the details of my trips more or less set up, I decided to contact some of the World Pulse sisters who live in these two countries. It was at that moment when the Pulse started to send tiny ripples of hope, love, and sisterhood, crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and from thousands of miles away.

Those ripples built a current that swept down all the differences and created a strong and powerful bond among us. Now, my World Pulse dear sisters Nalubega and dr. Edonna (Uganda), and Consolata and Mama Africa (Kenya) are making sure that the ripples don’t stop, for the sake of the women we work for, for the sake of our communities, and for the sake of our own. We are all eternally grateful to the World Pulse for giving us the chance to create these ripples. Here is the short story of our encounters: …

… Mariam’s daughter Peninah also read my daughter’s letter (Peninah and my daughter Sophia are also Rafikis). The experience became more and more unreal when Peninah read aloud the part where my daughter said “I just had a hair cut today, 8 inches, and now I have short hair…” (she even drew a smiling face). The Rafikis started laughing, literally cracking up, finding my daughter’s hair cut the funniest thing on earth. Considering that the women in Godo have no water, no electricity, no nothing, and work really hard everyday… and they cover their hair, the haircut issue of my daughter sounded too funny indeed, even to me. What my daughter didn’t say in her letter is that she donated the 8 inches to “Locks of Love” the organization that provides hairpieces to children who suffer burns or cancer.

The time passed fast, laughing and crying, even more when I tried to hold Peninah’s little baby (she is a 19 year-old single mom). The baby cried as he had seen the boogeywoman, and as a matter of fact for him I was the boogeywoman because he had never seen a white person before. Every time I looked at him from the distance, he cried unconsolable and of course all the Rafikis laughed even louder. I have a picture that captures me trying to hold the baby, I will share it soon.

After this experience in Lungalunga and Godo, I am determined to create, with the help of the Rafikis from the “West” (I am not sure what is East or West anymore, that is only a perception depending on where we are, right?) a MOBILE CLINIC, yes, I know this might sound like too much, but this is a very feasible project that can be launched very soon. If we all collaborate, we will not allow the ripples of life and hope to stop now.

Literacy and Mama Africa brought us together, the World Pulse made it possible for all of us to meet, and once again the rings of ripples that started forming then are becoming bigger and stronger as they moved away.

Thanks to all of you, thanks to the World Pulse, WE ARE ALL CONNECTED! Araceli.

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