Two forbidden books in german

We cannot belief it, but in Europe books can be forbidden. So the two first books written by Jan Udo Holey, under the pen name Jan van Helsing are still forbidden. He was one of the first in the german language part of the world explaining some hidden mechanism relatif to conspiracy theories, shown by the actual mess with our banks.

The two forbidden german books are:

  • Geheimgesellschaften und ihre Macht im 20. Jahrhundert, ISBN 3-89478-069-X
  • Geheimgesellschaften 2 (das Interview), ISBN 3-89478-492-X

To read them you have to download a good peer-to-peer exchange programm like eMule or any other and then put the author or the book’s name into the search.

A Link: Jan Udo Holey alias Jan van Helsing on the english wikipedia.

(My comment added some hours later:
it is claimed Jan Udo Holey and his editor (Ewert-Verlag) would be near the Nazi-Ideology (consequence: all Editors books had been removed by Swiss and German booksellers). Let me repeat what a bookseller in Berne/Switzerland told me
1998 about: “we the booksellers know very well that Ewert (the editor) is not a Nazi. We smell a dirty story behind these claims and because Mr. Ewert is personally a bluddy guy we do not fight for him”.
I am a leftist, a feminist, not religious and I belong to no party or any group. If I would smell some Nazi stuff in Jan’s books, I would reject him.
I have enough confidence in my jugement: Jan is NOT near the Nazi stuff. My eyes look now  to his detractors. Heidi


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