Why we are submitted

During the Middle Age the Roman Pope’s army overrun Europe to annihilate any digressing belief from Roman’s dictate – as from Albigensians, Cathars or other people.

We may have forgotten that higher rangs of the Roman Catholic church were more and more occupied by Aristocrats. The aristocratic viewpoint about humanity is simple to understand: they dictate, the people obey.

The Roman Church was only the aristocrate’s tool to manipulate people in their sense. When the Pope’s army overrun Europe, it was not to safe the Catholic Church, but secure aristocrat’s domination over the rest of the world.

Some collateral dommages of these times remain in our collective consciousness until today:

  • we have to obey orders;
  • we are told to remain calme, be confident in ‘them’ … they will make it;
  • we have still to submit ‘higher hierarchic realms of power, as ugly as they may behave … they are right, we do not know;
  • ‘God’ can only be good, … but the Cathars told us that God was in reality ‘Satan’;
  • we have just to remain small, modest, in times of crisis we just have to sacrify …
  • we, the people, continue to wait until someone tells the solution …
  • we ask them: YOU must find the solution;
  • … and the elites – having overtaken the place of ancient aristocrats – tell us daily how they will manage the actual crisis, that we shall remain quite in confidence … they will make it, we have just to sacrify a little bit, until we all recovered … meanwhile they help the banks, not the people (who are) loosing their homes …


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