The People vs. the Insurance Monopoly: Fixing the Health System in 2009

First a link to OHCHR’s and WHO’s Fact Sheet no 31, 52 pages: The Right to Health … an excerpt of page 5: … The right to health is a fundamental part of our human rights and of our understanding of a life in dignity …


Published on political affairs pa, by Joel Wendland, June 25, 2009.

Health reform activists descended on Washington by the thousands June 25th as Congress continued to craft health reform legislation. On one side of the struggle stand President Obama, labor and health advocates and the vast majority of the American people, pushing hard for meaningful reforms that include a public option. Powerful insurance companies and their right-wing allies in Congress stand on the other …

… It makes economic sense 

Economists also favor health reform, identifying it as key to economic revival. A recent statement signed by more than 330 prominent economists argued that health reform is needed now to turn the recession around and to eliminate the long-term drag on the economy caused by rising health care costs and insurance premiums.

According to Phillip Cryan, an economist at UC Berkeley, reform would free up money for investments in economically innovative things and promote financial stability for business owners. If a reform bill passed that included an employer mandate and a public option, Cryan explained, both job growth and long-term economic health could be expected. Two big reasons are these: Employers, especially small business owners, will reap enormous savings, allowing them to reinvest in their businesses and other innovative economic activity. Reduced health costs will free up investment flows across the whole economy, allowing for new growth now hampered by a bloated health care system.

If a reform package includes a public option, Cryan concluded, “There should be very large efficiency gains for the economy as a whole, freeing up resources for productive, job-creating economic activity” …

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