Ellagic Acid’s Effect on Abnormal Cells

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Ellagic acid is a remarkable antioxidant. It is contained in found raspberries, walnuts and strawberries. Clinical studies in humans have shown that ellagic acid found in these fruits is easily absorbed by the body. It has many beneficial effects, including prevention of cancer and boosting the immune system.

The benefits of ellagitannins in raspberries:  

  • Eating only a cup of raspberries each day has been shown to prevent cancer cells from developing. It may also kill some types of cancer, such as cells that have been infected by the human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus is the cause of cervical cancer. Both fresh and dried raspberries are high in ellagic acid.
  • The ellagitannins reduce the growth of abnormal cells within the colon.
  • Studies have shown that ellagitannins may also be effective for preventing cancer in the breasts, oesophagus, skin and prostate glands.
  • Ellagitannins contained in red raspberries can also protect your cells against cancer-causing chemicals which are contained in cigarettes, and food additives.
  • The ellagitannins help to stop other volatile chemicals that bring about bacterial mutations. Red raspberry ellagitannins are also able to protect and defend DNA by stopping carcinogens from connecting to it.
  • Red raspberry ellagitannins are great free radical scavengers and therefore can boost the immune system and reduce the effects of aging.
  • Studies conducted in Europe have shown that ellagitannins found in red raspberries speed up the healing of wounds, combat bacterial problems, kill viruses, and may be beneficial for fibrosis of the liver.
  • Raspberries are also rich in iron, vitamin C, potassium and folate.

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