Iran’s Tudeh Party: Unity, Struggle and Solidarity Can Overcome Repression

Published on political pa (Original source: People’s Weekly World), by Tudeh Party of Iran

The following is a June 21 statement from the Central Committee of the Tudeh* Party of Iran:

Following the speech of Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader and the commander of the coup d’état, in the Friday prayers in Tehran – which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called “authoritative and unraveling” – the armed thugs of the regime, including the forces of the Basij militia, Intelligence Ministry and units of the Revolutionary Corps brutally attacked peaceful and righteous-seeking demonstrations of the people.

According to the latest reports by news agencies around the world, tens of people were killed and injured.

Khamenei’s June 19 sermon in Friday prayers should be considered a declaration of war against the reform and popular movement by reaction’s leaders. It also reveals the tactics and strategies of the regime for the brutal suppression of the struggle of Iranian people with bloodshed.

Khamenei’s position also is a sign of the reactionaries’ serious concern about the deepening cracks within their inner circle and forces around the ruling regime and about total damage to the credibility and authority of Khamenei as the Supreme Leader of the regime.

It also indicates the will of the regime to move towards putting an end to the “Republic” system and establishing an Islamic Caliphate with absolute rule and reliance on military forces.

The reactionaries are very well aware that continuance of mass demonstrations and rallies, and its spread to the cities across the country, would tremble the pillars of the regime more than ever and would tend to shape another ’79 revolution in the country.

It is not coincidental that Khamenei’s regime, like Shah’s regime, claims that millions of Iranians from various walks of life, i.e. women, youth, students and working people who are present in the scene of recent events, are “agents of foreign countries,” and by exploiting spurious anti-West slogans, it tries to cover up the anti-human and brutal suppression of the people’s protests.

The militant people of Iran: … (full text).

* (The Tudeh Party of Iran (, transl. Hezb-e Tudeh Iran, f. 1941) is an Iranian communist party. Its full name translates to “Party of the Masses of Iran.” It had close relations with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Tudeh was a major political party in Iran, prior to 1953 coup against the then prime minister Mossadegh and later the purges during the regime of Ruhollah Khomeini – wikipedia english by the Babylon tool).

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