Challenges of Health Worker Migration

Published on Realizing Rights, May 18, 2009.

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The global health workforce shortage has been well identified, with those in low-income countries feeling its negative impact most keenly. Similarly the asymmetric migration of health workers from resource poor to resource rich nations, represents, at least in the short term, a development loss for resource-poor nations and a development gain for those resource-rich.

Significant concern has also arisen with regards to the conditions under which health workers are internationally recruited. Encouragingly, the last decade has seen significant movement towards mitigating the negative effects due to the international recruitment and migration of health workers. Commonwealth nations, and the Commonwealth Secretariat itself, have played a leading role in the development of ethical principles and the shaping of an international structure to more equitably manage the recruitment and migration of health workers …

… The objectives of the discussion were:  

  • To engage and update Commonwealth Health Ministries on progress towards a Global Code of Practice
  • To discuss key unresolved issues area in ethical codes of practice and learn from ways in which they were addressed in the Commonwealth Code
  • To explore links and synergy between the Commonwealth Code of Practice and other potential codes
  • To learn from select countries on successes and challenges in strategies to address health worker migration.

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Link: on the 66th Assembly of the WHO, May 18-22, 2009.

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