GGJ and Inter-Alliance Dialogue Presenting before Congressional Progressive Caucus

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Published on GGJ, May 12, 2009,

GGJ Representatives Jihan Gearon of the Indigenous Environmental Network and Tammy Bang Luu of the Labor Community Strategy Center are presenting testimony before the Congressional Progressive Caucus this morning at 10am eastern. Tammy and Jihan are part of a delegation of the Inter-Alliance Dialogue to present on the theme: Voices from the Front Lines: A Recovery Package for Democracy. The delegation will present on a range of issues including housing, workers rights, immigrant rights and environmental/climate justice. GGJ’s testimony will focus on the impact of the fossil fuel economy and propose policy solutions compiled by our Global Well-Being Working Group. We will send the transcript of their testimonies later today. The event is coordinated in conjunction with the Institute for Policy Studies and the Congressional Progressive Caucus …  

… The briefing: will take place on Tuesday, May 12th from 10-11:30 am, and is being hosted by Congressman Grihalva’s office. Each member of the IAD will provide testimony/ies on a set of core issues:

  • Right to the City: housing and foreclosure and green jobs – Roxan McKinnon and Melonie Griffiths (City Life), Wanda Salaman (Mothers on the Move)
  • GGJ: climate justice, transportation and stimulus -Tammy Bang Luu (Labor
  • Community Strategy Center), Jihan Gearon (Indigenous Environmental Network)
  • NDLON: immigration reform and impact for day laborers – Jacinta Gonzalez (Congress of Day Laborers of the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice)
  • NDWA: excluded workers, impact for domestic workers – Jocelyn Gill-Campbell (Domestic Workers United) and Antonia Pena (Casa de Maryland)
  • JwJ: plant closings, EFCA, jobs, and safety net issues for workers – Elce Redman (South Austin Council & Chicago JwJ) & Ricky Maclin (UE Local 1110).

… (full text).

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