It’s Your Right! – a new teaching resource for immigrants to Australia

(website: Human Rights Act for Australia).

Received by e-mail:
From: Human Rights Act for Australia
Date: 30/05/2009

A new resource using real life stories to teach English and human rights awareness has been launched in Canberra today by Federal Attorney-General, the Hon Robert McClelland.

President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Cathy Branson QC, said It’s Your Right! has been developed by the Commission in partnership with Adult Multicultural Education Services (AMES) Victoria as a teaching resource about human rights and responsibilities in Australia for adult learners:

  • “It’s Your Right! is a resource tailored to the needs of people who are newly arrived in Australia and who are learning English as a second language (ESL).
  • “Newcomers to Australia often experience unfairness or discrimination in their daily lives, either at work or in seeking accommodation, for example, but are not aware of where they can go for help.
  • “It’s Your Right! teaches English and at the same time raises awareness of human rights and equal opportunity laws in Australia that protect people against unfair treatment and discrimination,” Ms Branson said. For full details visit the AHRC web-site.

In his launch speech the Attorney-General also advised that he was currently working with the Education Minister to ensure that human rights education is promoted in Australia. And to that end, ensure it forms part of the civics and citizenship curriculum for students of all age groups in each State and Territory.

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