Scholar Rescue in the modern world

Fellowships for Threatened Academics – a legacy of rescue, a beacon of hope

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Scholar Rescue in the Modern World is the first effort to share with a larger community the breadth and nature of the persecution of scholars around the globe. It is based on the data from the first five years of activity of the Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF). SRF is a program created by the Institute of International Education (IIE) to rescue endangered scholars in any field and from any country with support for one to two years at universities in safe countries, permitting them to continue with scholarly work interrupted elsewhere. It grew out of IIE’s work in this field since the Institute’s founding in 1919. In addition to salary support, SRF helps scholars find host institutions, access other resources, and adjust to life in their host countries. 

During its first five years of activity, from its founding in April of 2002 until May of 2007, the Scholar Rescue Fund received more than 1,000 inquiries from persecuted academics around the world. This report is based primarily on data collected from that time period from 847 applicants to the Scholar Rescue Fund, 140 of whom were awarded life-saving and career-saving grants. Not included in this analysis is a recent ramp-up in SRF activity, begun in June 2007, to rescue Iraqi scholars, who are being threatened in great numbers.

“Scholar Rescue in the Modern World” finds that life- and career-ending threats to scholars are widespread and egregious. Individuals in 101 countries requested assistance; the Fund provided direct support to scholars from 38 of these countries. Applicants and grantees have come from a wide range of academic disciplines and fields. While countries of origin span almost all regions of the world, seventy-five percent of SRF grantees come from two regions in the world: the Middle East/North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa …

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