USAID training manuals for reducing gender-based violence in schools

Received by mail:
From: Julie Swanson
Date: 22/05/2009

Student, Community Counselor and Teacher Programs to Reduce Gender-Based Violence in Schools

USAID’s Office of Women in Development is pleased to announce the release of the Doorways training manuals. The manuals, developed under the USAID-funded Safe Schools Program*, were designed to make classrooms safer and more conducive environments for student retention and learning. The set of manuals can be integrated into existing programs for teacher training, Parent Teacher Association strengthening, scholarships, support to orphans and vulnerable children, and HIV prevention education or as part of a comprehensive national or local plan to reduce gender-based violence against children. Piloted in Ghana and Malawi, students (ages 10-14) and adults who participated in the programs demonstrated positive changes in attitudes and knowledge concerning gender-based violence. 

The development of the innovative Doorways training program was designed to break the cycle of violence in and around schools by working directly with teachers, students and community members. The Doorways I program provides boys and girls in upper primary and lower secondary school with information and skills building on goal setting, gender, children’s rights and responsibilities, violence prevention, healthy friendships, puberty and HIV/AIDS prevention. The Doorways II program trains community counselors to provide student-friendly, confidential support and to report and refer victims of abuse to service providers. In addition, community counselors learn how to develop an effective response network to facilitate reporting abuse and violence. The Doorways III program for teachers includes training on gender, children’s rights and responsibilities, non-violent discipline practices, listening skills and how to respond to SRGBV incidents.

All three manuals and accompanying resource booklets can be found at USAID.

For more information about the Doorways manuals or the Safe Schools Program, please contact by e-mail Julie Hanson Swanson.

*For background on the Safe Schools Program please go to USAID.

Best, Julie Hanson Swanson, Education Program Specialist, U.S. Agency for International Development, EGAT/WID RRB 3.8-005, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20523-3801, phone: 202-712-1687, fax: 202-216-3173, e-mail.

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