Iran: Karroubi to press for womens’ rights

Published on PressTV, Iran, by ZAP/SME/HAR, May 19, 2009.

One of the leading presidential candidates, Mehdi Karroubi, promises to press the fight for equal rights for women, if elected …

… The cleric said that, after the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the first follower of Islam was a woman – Khadijah – and part of Islam’s mission was to restore the worth and human value of women.”

In an apparent reference to the treatment of some of the organizers of the One Million Signatures initiative for equal rights for women, Karroubi said that he regretted the arrests and intimidation of women activists for defending their rights, and expressed support for women of different political persuasions to hold lawful and peaceful gatherings to present their points of view.

Iran’s tenth presidential elections are scheduled for June 12, and Karroubi seems to be the most outspoken advocate of leveling the playing field for women in Iran. He has appointed Jamileh Kadivar – a reformist former Majlis deputy and a women’s rights activist – as his adviser for women’s affairs.

The elections’ supervisory body – the Council of Guardians – is still vetting the hundreds of candidates, but there will likely be a number of women among the final candidates. (full text).


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