Will Democracy For Ever Remain an Illusion?

Published on Axis of Logic, by Siv O’Neall, May 12, 2009.

The country that was:

  • The United States is sinking deeper and deeper into the poisoned slough of their own making. Moral turpitude goes hand-in-hand with naiveté and arrogance. And nothing seems to have changed if it’s not that there is now a president with acute intellectual abilities rather than an insensitive and illiterate clown who couldn’t hold a book right side up.
  • Both men are devoted to the belief that the United States is the self-evident leader of the world and anything goes in the interest of keeping their country number one, including invasions of countries harboring supposed or invented enemies and, as always has been the case, cold-blooded support of dictatorships that are willing to do the bidding of Washington …

… The fall of a superpower:

  • The United States has long ago outlived its presumed role as the lone superpower. The last administration just hammered the last nail into the coffin of this shadow of lost grandeur. Nobody needed the adoration of an illusion and very few people are going to miss the lies, the fake elections and the gaudy hoopla that leads up to the conventions of the two almost identical parties, both run and shaped by the big corporations that have been the true rulers of the United States for decades. Maybe after the economic recession is over, many years from now, maybe when Afghanistan and Pakistan are back on their own to fight out their own conflicts, maybe when Iran will no more have to fear reprisals from the West because it is intent on defending itself from Israel and the United States, and maybe even the regime of the ayatollahs will be gone and some kind of democratic rule installed, maybe then a kind of equilibrium will reign and we the people won’t have to be whiplashed into obedience by screams of national security, killer pandemics and a war on terror. U.S. citizens have been lulled to sleep by newspeak of freedom and democracy, of moral values, of leaving no children behind and of trickle-down economics that will make us all healthy, wealthy and wise.

A utopia?

  • Asia will have achieved equal power with the West and the current movements towards people-oriented politics, most visibly in Latin America, will have borne fruit and we will finally see democracy arising out of the ashes.

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