Diaspora to Promote Job Creation and Youth Development in Africa

Picked up on Weitzenegger’s Website for International  Development Cooperation and its Newsletter.

… More than 50 Washington D.C.-based members of the African Diaspora participated in the launch of the 2008/2009 Africa Development Indicators (ADI) report at World Bank headquarters last week.

As this year’s ADI focuses on Youth and Employment in Africa – The Potential, The Problem, The Promise, the launch targeted Diaspora with an interest in youth development and promoting job creation in Africa.

The ADI launch in D.C. targets people who can really make a difference to Africa – the Diaspora, said Shantayanan Devarajan, Chief Economist of the World Bank’s Africa Region, in his opening remarks. He further explained that data can be a good tool for accountability to help citizens hold leadership responsible for measurable results … 

… “Rural youth want to be part of this fast moving globalized society and are not interested in fishing and farming,” said Onaolapo. “They feel there is no opportunity for them unless they go to the cities,” he added.

Participants and panelists both agreed on the need to improve quality of education in Africa, to create opportunities in rural Africa and ensure access for the youth in a variety of areas including, job opportunities, electrification and wireless access in rural areas. They also felt that the private sector could play an important role in facilitating this.

This event was organized by the World Bank Africa Region’s Diaspora Program Team, which is working in different ways to facilitate Diaspora contributions to home country development. As a next step, this team will build on the findings of the ADI to create, in partnership with USAID, a platform where partners with an interest in Africa’s development can meet and provide technical and financial assistance to members of the Diaspora planning to implement Youth and Employment related projects in Africa. (full text).

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