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Received by mail:
From: Boris Panhoelzl
Date: 11/05/2009

Dear colleagues, Please allow us to inform you about a new search interface on, the European Country of Origin Information Network. collects information on the situation in countries of origin of asylum seekers with a focus on the needs of asylum lawyers, refugee counsels and persons deciding on claims for asylum and other forms of international protection.

Since February 2008, the search engine on automatically includes English and German synonyms and near synonyms of search terms. In addition to that, we now introduced a “Moderated Search”, which helps you to narrow down or to broaden your search. Whenever you search for a word included in the COI Thesaurus, the Moderated Search suggests broader, narrower and related terms. You can then add these suggestions to your search terms with a search operator of your choice:   

  • The inclusion of synonyms in two languages and the suggestion of terms are both based on a Thesaurus specially developed for the context of country of origin information.
  • Help us to improve the COI Thesaurus by sending feedback, report errors, or suggest new terms or relations, by e-mail, or online on their website.
  • More details on the new search function:
  • Background information on the COI Thesaurus: Many Thanks to everyone involved in its development!
  • Examples to illustrate the Moderated Search:
  • Our new search help includes a print-out leaflet (PDF) and is available at help.
  • If you have further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us! Best regards, Boris Panhoelzl, coordination,
  • Austrian Centre for Country of Origin and Asylum Research and Documentation ACCORD, Austrian Red Cross, Headquarters Wiedner, Hauptstrasse 32, A-1041 Vienna, Austria, Fax.: +43 (1) 589 00-589, ZVR-Nr: 432857691, Website.
  • ACCORD runs the European Country of Origin Information Network.
  • ACCORD is co-funded by the European Refugee Fund, Red Cross Austria (english version).
  • Red Cross Austria in german: Oesterreichisches Rotes Kreuz.

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