Make NO Mistake, Obama Wants Justice Too

Published on Mike Kuykendall’s blog, by Mike Kuykendall, April 23, 2009.

A lot of my fellow progressive friends and I have been complaining a lot about some of the positions the Obama administration has been taking lately, especially their apparent lack of a burning desire to prosecute the blatantly criminal conduct of the Bush administration …

… This flood of Bush-era torture documentation is coming out for one reason; the President wants justice too. Just as bad as you or I. He’s just apparently way too politically savvy for us, or he’s letting the Democratic Strategist Brigade pound out a new subterfuge to cloak themselves politically from the blow back of the sure-fire Bush cabal prosecutions to come.

Think about it – why would they declare so loudly that they did not seek to spill GOP blood, while at the same time stating clearly that the Justice department was an independent arm of the Executive meant to do it’s job free from political pressure, unlike the policies of the Cheney-led pack of cretins who just fled the Capitol? And while simultaneously dumping all the evidence the public, or any Court for that matter, would ever need to hold those responsible accountable for their actions?

Why? Because they want them prosecuted, they just don’t want the blood on their hands. Obama wants to stir up the mob and hand them pitchforks, then stand back and let them go after the perpetrators with violence in their hearts. So to speak.

Anyhow be calm, my liberal and progressive Lefty friends. They know what they are doing at the White House, and subtlety is apparently one of their strong points. (full text).

Link: U.S. to reveal alleged prison abuse photos, April 24, 2009.

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