Worker’s Rights: Stunning win for Visteon workers

Published on PWW People’s Weekly World, (Original source:, May 3, 2009.

Visteon workers have won a resounding victory in their fight for justice after bosses backed down and offered huge redundancy payouts.

The former Ford workers had resisted Visteon executives’ attempts to make them pay for the recession with their jobs by taking over the factories and mounting mass pickets after they were sacked with just six minutes’ notice on March 31.

The 600 workers, who made Ford car parts at three factories in Belfast, Enfield and Basildon, have now been offered packages worth tens of thousands of pounds in a stunning defeat for the US corporation … 

… The victory comes as the local Labour MP for workers at the Basildon plant Angela Smith demanded an investigation into how Ford had used Visteon to cover-up its responsibility for staff.

“It is hard for Visteon employees to accept that Ford has no responsibility towards them when their access ID cards display the Ford logo,” she explained.

“Long-service awards are given out in the name of Ford, not Visteon. Employees get a discount through the Ford employees’ scheme on Ford cars and have access to the Ford social club,” she added.

As Visteon had consistently declared losses ever since Ford created it, Ms Smith said that the corporation owed its former workers an explanation for what had happened to them.

“Visteon had multimillion-pound deficits. Why would any company maintain such a deficit for so long unless it suited the company to do so?” she asked. (full text).

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