Aid workers’ expulsion from Sudan impeding peacekeeping, relief efforts

Linked with Darfur Peace and Development Centre DPDC, and with Troubled U.N. Racism Conference Quickly Adopts Outcome Document.

Published on, 21 April 2009, by United Nations News Service, 21 April 2009.

The expulsion of humanitarian and human rights agencies from Sudan following the issuance of an arrest warrant for the Sudanese president for war crimes is thwarting the United Nations’ efforts in peacekeeping and humanitarian aid, Secretary-General Ban K-moon said …

… The Secretary-General wrote that the security of UN and associated personnel is also a critical issue, with vehicle hijackings and compound invasions growing increasingly deliberate in nature.

“The latest security developments highlight, once again, the fundamental challenges that UNAMID continues to face while operating in an environment where the parties show no intent to give up the use of force, and further underscore the urgent need for a comprehensive settlement to the Darfur crisis,” he said. 

An estimated 300,000 people have been killed in Darfur and another 2.7 million have been forced from their homes since fighting erupted in 2003, pitting rebels against Government forces and allied Janjaweed militiamen.

In spite of the challenges UNAMID faces, Mr. Ban said that the mission has “been able to make a difference on the ground.”

But the report called on Member States to provide critical equipment, especially military helicopters, to increase UNAMID’s mobility and operational impact. (full text).


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