Durban II, the elites and their powerplays

UN Rights Chief Criticizes U.S. Withdrawal From Racism Forum – Published on Bloomberg, by Paul Tighe, April 20, 2009: … The weeklong Conference on Racism opens today in Geneva and runs until April 25, according to the UN … // … “The DDPA singles out one particular conflict and prejudges key issues that can only be resolved in negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians,” acting State Department spokesman Robert A. Wood said in a statement. “The United States also has concerns with relatively new additions to the text regarding ‘incitement’ that run counter to the U.S. commitment to unfettered free speech” … etc. etc. (full text).

My comment: Yesterday, on April 19, I attended the GENEVA SUMMIT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, TOLERANCE AND DEMOCRACY, which was the Alternate Durban conference in Geneva. The Speakers also debated controversially the above mentioned item. Some efforts were made to overcome stereotypes as a real effort to serve this humanity, will say its peoples, and not elite power plays and particular interests, using stereotyped ideologies.

With powerplays – as an expression of hidden idelogies wanting govern this world – we NEVER will get it, we NEVER will find solutions. NEVER. Powerplays are only interest-politics for a group, never for the whole humanity. I see: as long as politics serve for (sorry, mainly male oriented) power plays, we NEVER will come to a solution.

Yesterday I have seen how hard it is to overcome fixed ideologies, but we can reach it, if we are honestly intersted to serve the humanity, and not particular interests. Negotiations can be hard – but as long as we all see a common interst, we can find solutions.

I think the existing elites, governments, economic groups, fixed religions have NO INTEREST to come to a result serving all humans. They take their substance from a division of us all, nurrishing their crattle and stealing our lifes.

The only solution: or people replace this elite, or people learn to educate their governments AND the economic and religeous barons. If not, WE ALL are paying the bill. (Please excuse my english … but it is too much important that now we all speak out our concerns).

Link: CONFERENCE IN NEW YORK – Published in April 14th, 2009, by Fern Sidman, April 13: The American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists has announced that they will be holding a week long counter-conference in New York City from April 20-24 as a response to the upcoming UN sponsored Durban II conference to he held in Geneva, Switzerland … (full text).

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