loggerhead turtles in a nutshell

Linked with Jacquie Cozens – Ireland, and with Seaturtle.org.

Published on SOS Tartarugus.org/english, by Jacquie Cozens.

download full report, by Jacquie Cozens, 15 January 2009:

In a nutshell, here are some statistics:

  • Total number of activities  1,238;
  • Beach with the most activities: Black Sand Beach (no surprise there!) with 189. But … ;
  • The beach with the most nests was Ponta Jelonga with 47 Scariest nesting beach was Piazza where there were 36 activities among all the rocks and rubbish (oh yes, the turtles are crazy).
  • Tiny little In Between Beach recorded an amazing 34 activities;
  • Total number of turtles killed was 39, unsurprisingly, the majority on Mont Leao (13);
  • So this means a reduction from 1 in 9 turtles killed on protected beaches to 1 in 62 on protected beaches;
  • In other words if the same percentage (11%) had been killed on all beaches we would have lost 142 turtles;
  • The number of turtles saved by direct action by Rangers or police was 19;
  • The total number of turtles tagged was 101. Tag numbers that we can read 95;
  • Largest turtle – Big Mama and her crazy enormous nests. Carapace length 101. The smallest was 50cm (average 80cm);
  • Total number of nests 346 … (full text).

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