Reading Lenin in Modern Rome

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Published on Cyrano’s Journal Online, by Gaither Stewart, March 14, 2009.

(Rome) Leftists like to cite Lenin. To quote Marx is to delve into the theory of Socialism/Communism. But Lenin is another cup of tea. You get into Lenin and you’re already in revolution. When you read Lenin’s The State and Revolution, which contains the core of Leninist thought, you are no longer in the world of socio-economic theory …


Noting that the US Army 3rd Infantry’s 1st Brigade Combat Team returned from Iraq some months ago and “may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control”, Professor Michel Chossudovsky puts forward the hypothesis that “Civil unrest resulting from the financial meltdown (of capitalism: my note) is a distinct possibility, given the broad impacts of financial collapse on lifelong savings, pension funds, home ownership, etc”.

Shortly afterwards, the Centre for Research on Globalization website posted an article written by Wayne Madsen who refers to a highly confidential official report circulating among senior members of the US Congress and their top advisors. The report, allegedly nicknamed as the “C and R document”, standing for “conflict” and “revolution.” Such scenarios are plausible consequences triggered by a financial meltdown. The document reveals that severe financial chaos could spark a major war if Washington refuses to honor its foreign debt and/or massive riots in US cities if the American population does not accept a considerable tax increase. Senior American statesmen are taking into consideration that financial volatility could fuel a wave of discontent, which could reach troubling proportions. America itself is not immune from “regime-threatening instability” as the Pentagon and the American intelligence community terms it. It is likely that American government officials have been preparing for the worst-case scenario … (full huge long text).

(Senior Editor Gaither Stewart is Cyrano’s Journal’s European Correspondent, based in Rome and Paris. Patrice Greanville is Cyrano’s Journal’s founder and editor in chief).

My personal comment: what will remain in any new social structure we could invent is the fact, that always some fellows want profit from others’ work, possession or/and abilities without giving back any equivalence. Since old times humanity tries to compensate this tendency with social rules, and communism was such an attempt to regulate this questions.

Sometimes an experience turns out in dictatorship. In my eyes it is not an ideology in itself – but the increasing loss of confidence into our fellows to follow given new solutions, qualified revolutions – which are at the beginning of a new dictatorship. More this new solutions are strict, less some fellows want follow them. Yes, we humans are like that. We like rules … for others, but not for ourselves … It’s just a fact we have to recognise.

In economy we have to create transparent structures, open for every one who wants have a look. No more supervision by any substitute. We selves have to become responsible.

In any way, a better structure – than we have now – has still to be invented. Heidi.

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