The Gospel of Judas

My Comments to the Judas’ Gospel: If Jesus told Judas to kill him, there can be only one logic reason: people in those days were like we are today: they wanted a saviour. And religions are the place where saviours are promised, are waited for (all 3 monotheist religions have this in their paradigm).

So, as obviously Jesus wanted them to accept him as equal, he insisted often on this point, he wanted them to move their … body, to work, to develop, to reach an ability for self determination and peaceful cooperation … instead of this they began to worship him, as a saviour, as a half god or a three quart of a god, and they didn’t move … it.

I guess Jesus could do nothing against this boring attitude of ordinary people, exactly those he wanted relieve from slavery. They wanted a saviour, not a teacher making them really move. They had the same reaction as have today all these nice people believing in Extraterrestrials, coming next to save them from this planet … from some of my friends I know there are legions today having this attitude.

So, what poor Jesus could make? He could prepare his disappearance. And as on these old days Star Trek beaming was not invented, he had only one solution: to prepare to dye.

So, I guess, he told Judas to arrange his ‘going out of the scene’.

But after his death, the poor people had not understood better. They had not imagined how to take their destiny in their own hands … then.

Yes, they didn’t got it, and the Christian Church continued this ‘misunderstanding’. They institutionalized it by insisting that Jesus would first be a higher being than an ordinary human. With this act they reached to create a difference between the ordinary people and Jesus, and with this also between the people and Jesus’ father, named God.

Once this achieved, they got the excuse to hide themselves and their hierarchic role behind this mighty God. So, as agent of this higher being, they created all the right to have an advantage to simple people in power, law creation, possession of wealth … short, in domination. The way our capitalistic system is handled now, is nothing less that the logic follow up of this old creation.

Look, today, what is happening when something is going wrong???

First, the Medias have to find any bad guy who is guilty for all the mess created. WE (we are always the good ones) we, ourselves, are never guilty, no.

Guilty is the one who made any promise to relieve us from our pains. Today we are just same, we do not take our destiny in our hands, and we wait for this or that solution, prepared by a good guy we are eager to follow. But then he is becoming the bad guy when the solution is not working.

In any way, I can understand that Jesus wanted save a mission which was not running as he wanted. And that he imagined to save it by his death. And also, I can understand, that both, Jesus and Judas, must have been aware of the following misunderstanding.

So, our nice Christian religion reveals a bug in the structure since the beginning, a bug which even poor Jesus was not able to eliminate. This, because WE are responsible of our behaviour, not Jesus, not any guy imagining any solution, not any god. Heidi.

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