Opt Out Everywhere: Why the Standardized Testing Movement Is Expecting a Full-On Revolt

Published on AlterNet /Education, by Owen Davis, Nov 25, 2014:

Gainesville kindergarten teacher Susan Bowles doesn’t quite fit the mold of a rabble-rouser. “I’m such a rule-following, non-activist type,” she tells me.  

“I hate speaking to anyone above the age of seven.” But with the onset of a Florida law mandating that every kindergartener grind out a lengthy computer-based standardized test in the first month of school, Bowles began speaking out widely. New test-based teacher evaluations meant kids with little or no experience using computers or even taking exams were expected to post valid scores. “[The kids] didn’t care if they got it right or wrong,” says Bowles. “It wasn’t going to yield productive results” …;

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