Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, DECEMBER 1-31, 2014

Articles published during December 2014:

Carlos Fresneda: Una renta básica europea? / An european basic income? Dec 31;
Maciej Szlinder: The Strategy for Basic Income – Interview with Guy Standing, Dec 29;
ONLINE: Efforts to get Basic Income in front of lawmakers, Dec 28, 2014;
VIDEO – Daniel Häni and Enno Schmidt: Grundeinkommen / Basic Income – a Cultural Impulse, Dec 28;
Bitnation Will Test Whether Basic Income is Actually Workable, Dec 27;
Sam Bowman: The Negative Income Tax and Basic Income are pretty much the same thing, Dec 24;
Decentralized App Aims to Provide Basic Income for All, Dec 24;
Minimum Income: what you should know about the idea that could revolutionize the 21st century, Dec 23;
Matthew Ward: State of the Arts—a guest post about Basic Income, Dec 23;
Why Environmentalists Should Promote a Guaranteed Basic Income, Dec 23;
Florence, Italy: Conference: The Future of Basic Income Research, Call for Abstracts, Dec 22;
The Next Big Social Idea: Unconditional Basic Income, Dec 22;
VIDEO – Revenu de base: Le revenu de base face aux défauts du RSA [A basic income in light of the RSA], Dec 22;
Elizabeth Edgett: Unconditional Basic Income – an Economic Model for a New Renaissance, Dec 21;
Stanislas Jourdan: Sondage , 73% des Français seraient favorables à une allocation unique …, Dec 20;
Nick Barlow: Liberal Democrats for Basic Income, anyone? Dec 18;
Rob Rainer: Politics, poverty and basic income, Dec 18;
Sam Becker: Is it Time to Consider a Basic Income? Dec 18;
Basic income paid to the poor can transform lives, on The Guardian, by Guy Standing, Dec 18, 2014: Contrary to what sceptics predicted the basic incomes model created more economic activity and work;
INTERNATIONAL: Call for papers for a special issue on the Basic Income Guarantee, Dec 17;
Cash benefits or basic income—the next phase, Dec 16;
How to Fix Poverty: Write Every Family a Basic Income Check, Dec 15;
M. Oliver Heydorn: The (Big!) Difference Between a ‘Basic Income’ and the National Dividend, Dec 13;
Subsidies must give way to a universal basic income – Pranab Bardhan, on liveMint, by Pramit Bhattacharya, Dec 13: The development economist on the Modi government’s initiatives and his stand on them, and MGNREGS;
Christopher Balfour: Learning from Difference, on Basic Income Earth Network BIEN, par Kal Wideruist, le 9 déc;
Sarath Davala, Renana Jhabvala, Soumya Kapoor Mehta, and Guy Standing: Basic Income, a Transformative Policy for India, Dec 8;
Stephane Pallage, Christian Zimmermann: Universal Basic Income versus Unemployment Insurance, Dec 7;
UNITED STATES: Vox’s Dylan Matthews Extensively Writes on the Basic Income. Dec 6;
EUROPE: UBI-Europe launches a series of conferences on basic income, Dec 2;
UNITED STATES: Alanna Hartzok, running on a platform including support for Basic Income, receives 37 percent of the vote in Congressional Race, Dec 1.

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