Prisons and profit motives

Linked with Brasscheck TV, with Amy Goodman – USA, and with Democracy Now.

Watch these 2 videos on Brasscheck TV (by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now):

  • Jailing and drugging kids for profit, with Jamie Quinn, part one, 10.38 min;
  • Kurt Kruger, jailed by bribed judge, Part two, 10.17 min.

Two judges in Pennsylvania US took over $2.6 million in bribes from a privately owned prison company to put THOUSANDS of kids in jail for extended sentences for NOTHING! This took place in broad daylight and scores of people in the justice system in Pennsylvania watched, stood by and did nothing. The judges are now headed to jail, but the owners of the company who paid the bribes apparently have been to date free of charges.

25% of all the people in jail in the entire world are in jail in the US. That’s today.

Meanwhile, FEMA camps sit empty and waiting all over the country. The day someone figures out a profitable way to fill them. They will be filled.

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