Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base, OCTOBER 1-31, 2014

Articles published during October 2014 – to be continued:    

How Universal Basic Income Will Save Us From the Robot Uprising, Oct 31;
INTERVIEW: Congressional Candidate Ian Schlakman on His Call for a Basic Income Guarantee or Social Security for All, Oct 31;
Charlie Hallam: Why a citizen’s income is essential for real democracy, Oct 29;
VIDEO with Joy Sun: TED Talk – Should you donate differently? Oct 29;
VIDEO with Gareth Morgan: An universal basic income could help kickstart small business, Oct 28;
Vers un Euro Dividende de 200 euros par mois pour chaque Citoyen Européen, Oct 28;
Corrado Del Bò and Emanuele Murra, Per un Reddito di Cittadinanza: Perché dare soldi a Homer Simpson e ad altri fannulloni / /For Citizens Basic Income: Why give money to Homer Simpson and other slackers), Oct 28;
Berlin, Germany: Basic income experimentalism at the micro level, Oct 26;
Austria: Several prominent people endorse the Seventh Basic Income Week, Oct 25;
LONDON, UK: Basic income & Democratizing money & Social Security on 30 October 2014, Oct 25;
UNITED STATES: Five Time Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader Supports a Basic Income, Oct 24;
Le revenu d’existence ou l’impensé sur le travail, Oct 20;
Erik Brynjolfsson, Jeremy Howard, Robert Schiller: The Great Decoupling, Oct 19;
Everyone’s share of the pie, Oct 16;
Nouvelle Donne pour un Revenu de Base en Euros Francs, Oct 14;
The Precariat is growing angry, on BIEN, by Guy Standing, Oct 16;
Le revenu de base, c’est pas sorcier, ou la justice sociale pour tous, Oct 14;
Basic Income For All The World’s Citizens, Oct 14;
Nouvelle Donne pour un Revenu de Base en Euros Francs, Oct 14;
Living Income: Why Central Banks Should Give Money Directly to the People, Oct 14;
Greece: Athens Introduces Basic Living Subsidy to Fight Poverty, on LeftFootForward, Oct 14 … and the same on, Oct 14;
Unequal income fuels BIG calls – Ngurare, Oct 14;
ICELAND: Pirates back basic income, Oct 13;
Yannick Vanderborght & Toru Yamamori: Basic Income in Japan, Oct 12;
Basic Income News Expands with the UBI Movement, Oct 10;
Finland: the opposition leader proposes basic income pilots, Oct 9;
Iceland: Pirates Propose Guaranteed Basic Income, Oct 8;
United States: Green Party Congressional Candidate Endorses BIG, Oct 8;
Replace CPF with Basic Income? Oct 8;
En finir avec le chômage de masse, c’est possible, Oct 7;
Conservative approach to minimum wage breaks basic economic laws, Oct 7;
Brain @ North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress, February 26 – March 1, 2015, New York, NY USA, on;
Green Party seeks Guaranteed Livable Income for Canadians, Oct 2;
Marshall Brain: Why and How Should We Build a Basic Income for Every Citizen? Oct 1.

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