UFO abductees are not what expected

I found a text about UFO abductees, published on UFOera.com, of 17 April 1991 (look the time it takes to make known things we do not want see).

This text having on the website an ugly formation, I pasted it into WORD to make it easier to be read. You may read it on the original website UFOera.com, or click on the link below:


Let me paste out their short Conclusion on page 7:

… SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS: Although it has long been the “common wisdom” of both the professional and lay communities that anyone claiming to be the victim of abduction by UFO occupants must be seriously disturbed, thoroughly deluded or a liar, careful examination of both the reports and their reports calls this assumption into question. Clinical and psychometric investigation of abductees reveals four areas of discrepancy between the expected data and the observable phenomena and suggests further investigation.  These discrepant areas are:

1. ABSENCE OF PSYCHOPATHOLOGY:  An unexpected absence of severe psychopathology coupled with the high level of functioning found in many abductees is a perplexing and surprising finding. Psychometric evaluation of nine abductees revealed a notable heterogeneity of psychological and psychometric characteristics.  The major area of homogeneity was in the absence of significant psychopathology.  Rather than consulting a subset of the severely disturbed and psychotic population, there is clinical evidence that at least some abductees are high functioning, healthy …

If you like it: UFOera.com: Home, about, links … and special: a link to the NASA photo gallery.

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