Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base, September 1-30, 2014

Articles published during September 2014: …
Jessica Flanigan: Political Authority and the Basic Income, 29 Sept;
Machine Labor Day, Sept 27;
US should enact minimum income, Sept 26;
America is running out of jobs. It’s time for a universal basic income, Sept 26;
Disparaging the Poor: From Badmouthing and Sterilization to a Reclaimed Right of Existence, Sept 25;
ASIA: Poverty as the Absence of Protection, Sept 25;
L’inconditionnel – journal sur le revenu de base / [The Unconditional – Newspaper about Basic Income], Sept 22;
Taub Center Study: Low income families in Israel forgo dairy, fruits and vegetables, Sept 22;
Islanders seek livable income, Sept 21;
Les chroniques du temps présent. Un revenu universel? le 21 sept;
SOUTHERN AFRICA: Southern Africa Development Community Begins Movement for a Universal Basic Income Grant, Sept 20;
INTERNATIONAL: Basic Income Week Sees More “Ask Me Anything” Threads on Reddit, Sept 19;
La science du partage: privé ou public, ce n’est vraiment pas commun, Sept 19;
What Scotland’s ‘no’ to independence and further devolution proposals mean for businesses, Sept 19;
Is it Time to Consider a Basic Income? Sept 19;
INTERNATIONAL: Basic Income Week Rolls On, Sept 18;
Why we decided not to register as a charity, Sept 17;
Basic Income Canada Network rejects charitable tax status: Group that advocates for low-income Canadians declines charitable tax status, Sept 16;
Why and How Should We Build a Basic Income for Every Citizen? Sept 16;
EUROPEAN UNION: Basic Income Supporter Elected President of European Commission, Sept 16;
INTERNATIONAL: Seventh International Basic Income Week Kicks Off with Two “Ask Me Anything” Threads on Reddit, Sept 16;
Basic Income Crowdfunding? Germany’s Money-For-Nothing Campaign, Sept 15;
LONDON, UK – Citizen’s Income: A solid foundation for tomorrow’s society …, Sept 15;
Herb Kutchin’s Righting capitalism with dividends, positive book review of Peter Barnes’s With Liberty and Dividends for All, which proposes a substantial Basic Income, financed mostly by environmental taxes and taxes on common assets, Sept 14;
Citizens Income Trust, Citizens Income Newsletter, Sept 14;
Priorities on poverty must change, Sept 14;
CYBERSPACE – BIEN releases schedule for its Basic Income AMA Series: The 7th Annual International Basic Income (Week Sept 15-21, 2014), Sept 12;
A negative income tax beats both the minimum wage and welfare, Sept 12;
From Badmouthing and Sterilization to a Reclaimed Right of Existence: Disparaging the Poor, Sept 12;
Extension seeking volunteer tax preparers, Sept 11;
Emploi: Instaurez la semaine de 15 heures, combinée à un revenu de base, Sept 10;
Le revenu de base présenté en BD par Nepsie, Sept 10;
Can a Guaranteed Income for *Everyone* Fix Inequality and Poverty? Sept 10;
Le salaire à vie contre le revenu de base, Sept 9;
America is running out of jobs. It’s time for a universal basic income, Sept 9;
Avec un revenu de 126 565 euros, on fait partie des 1% de Belges les plus riches, Sept 8;
Basic income: the world’s simplest plan to end poverty, explained, Sept 8;
Social justice symposium, concert coming to Holland College, Sept 7;
What if everybody got free cash? Myths and facts about Unconditional Basic Income, Sept 7;
Robots, unemployment, and basic income, Sept 6;
THE NETHERLANDS: Basic Income Week Events, September 15-21, 2014 … Events will take place cities including Tilburg, Amsterdam, Breda, Namen (B), Zoetermeer, Assen, Leeuwarden, Borger … (Homepages of the Dutch website and of the English website);
Your Services Are No Longer Required – The Coming “Great Idleness, Sept 5;
A People’s Endowment, Sept 4;
UNITED STATES: Alaska’s small basic income likely to double this year, Sept 4;
Scottish Independence and Welfare Reform, Sept 3;
NEW YORK: The 14th North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress for Feb. 26–Mar. 1, 2015 … will be held in conjunction with the Eastern Economic Association in New York, NY, Sept 2;
Why Labor Day Needs Retooling, Sept 2;
Quand simplifier le système de redistribution devient un impératif, Sept 2;
The first step towards welfare reform, Sept 2;
Tunis: Désormais, les revenus de 5000 dinars exemptés d’impôts, Sept 1;
Column: on this Labor day, let us finish the work,  Sept 1.

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