The World-Uniting Force of a New American President

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Published on, by Mary Liston Liepold, January 21,2009.

Yes, the Nobel Prize surprises are over for this year, and the winners got lots of well-deserved press. But October is also the month for The Right Livelihood Awards, popularly known as the Alternative Nobels. Swedish-German journalist and philatelist Jakob von Uexkull sold his business to endow the first awards in 1980 because the six Nobel categories didn’t fully cover the fields of human endeavor that mattered most to him: independent journalism, peacebuilding, and social justice.

This year’s Right Livelihood Awardees are three women (Somali, German, American and an Indian couple … )

Here at Peace X Peace, we know some 1,200 women-led Circles and more than 6,000 individual women who deserve international recognition for the noble work you’re doing-quietly, patiently, day by day, and peace by peace. We want to hear your stories, and to let the world hear them … (full text).

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