Global Human Rights Education Community of Practice

Received by the HREA newsletter, From: Global HRE List Moderator, Date: August 7, 2014.

Dear Members, The Global Human Rights Education listserv exists 15 years! Launched in June 1999, the membership of this “community of practice” has grown since then to over 10,000 human rights defenders and educators in 190 countries. Via this moderated forum members share regular announcements of upcoming trainings and conferences; studies, good practices and lessons learned; human rights education resources; and new activities from around the world.

The List has also served and as an international forum for policy making in human rights education. For example, in July-August 2000 the listserv was a platform for the Mid-term review of the United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education, at the request of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.  

A similar discussion forum on the follow-up to the UN Decade for Human Rights Education was organised in November-December 2002. In June-July 2004, HREA and partners organised a Global Consultation on the World Programme for Human Rights Education for non-governmental organisations and other civil society actors on the Global Human Rights Education listserv and six regional listservs, reaching over 15,000 educators and activists worldwide. In recent years, consultations on the Second Phase and Third Phase of the World Programme for Human Rights Education were held as well, which informed policy making by the Human Rights Council.

HREA is very pleased to announce that the Global Human Rights Education List will be migrating to a new, interactive platform on the HREA website. The new platform will be called the Global Human Rights Education Community of Practice.

Since we started this listserv 15 years ago we have built a wonderful community of organisations and individuals that share an interest and commitment to human rights education across the world. We hope this new platform will enable our network to interact more easily and share information about programmes, good practices and ideas, research and information for strengthening human rights education and training.

This will be the last message on the Global HRE Listserv; tomorrow you will receive further instructions via e-mail on how to access the new Global HRE Community of Practice platform on HREA’s Human Rights Campus.

Best wishes, Frank Elbers, on behalf of and the moderators.

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