Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base, August 1-31, 2014

(Articles published during August 2014):

UBI: A Vision of the future, published on Basic Income News, by KARL WIDERQUIST, Aug 31, 2014: ATHENS, GREECE - Athens Summit: Turning crises into an opportunity with the adoption of an Unconditional Basic Income in Europe. The organizers invite to you participate in the event organized by UBIE (Unconditional Basic Income Europe) for a day of discussion, production of ideas and planning for the future of emancipation in Europe and beyond, on Friday, September 26, 2pm-9pm, at the Melina Mercouri Cultural Center, Iraklidon 66 and Thessaloniki street, Athens.
Programm: … // … (full text).


UNITED STATES: Prominent economist, Ed Dolan, turns attention to BIG, Aug 31;
Elliot Sperber: The Alienable, the Inalienable, and an actually Democratic Society, Aug 31;
Ed Dolan: an Universal Basic Income and Work Incentives, Aug 30, 2014;
So You’re Rich for an American. Does That Make You Rich for New York? Aug 29, 2014;
Idées pour lutter contre l’extrême précarité et permettre un revenu minimum pour tous, le 29 août;
Le bouleversement de l’ordre économique et de la cohésion, le 28 août;
Suisse: Le Conseil fédéral rejette l’initiative populaire Pour un revenu de base inconditionnel, Aug 27;
Larry Elliot: Would a citizen’s income be better than our benefits system? Aug 27;
Money for nothing: Mincome experiment could pay dividends 40 years on, Aug 26;
Gaura Rader: Basic Income vs. Negative Income Tax – Why supporters of basic income should be in favor of a negative income tax, Aug 26;
A Universal Basic Income and Work Incentives, Part 2: Evidence, Aug 25;
Jesse Spafford: Reconciling Basic Income and Immigration, Aug 24;
Noah Gordon: The Conservative Case for a Guaranteed Basic Income, Aug 23;
MACAU: Government Distributes Temporary Basic Income, Aug 23;
Ed Dolan: Universal Basic Income – an Idea Whose Time Has Come, Aug 22;
Le revenu de base, 22 AOÛT;
John Danaher – Blog series: Philosophy and the Basic Income, Aug 22;
Income Distribution: Equal Opportunity vs. Equal Results, Aug 22;
Focus on finer points of your tax details, Aug 22;
LEIPZIG, GERMANY: Basic income to be discussed at degrowth conference, Aug 21;
Thierry Crouzet: Pourquoi défendre le revenu de base? / Why defend basic income? Aug 21;
CHINA: Basic Income Scheme in Sanya Faces Termination, Aug 20;
Fitsnews: The Notorious (Basic Income Guarantee), Aug 20;
Christian Siegwart Petersen, Money for nothing? Arguments for basic income, universal pensions and universal child benefits in Norway, Aug 19;
John Danaher: Feminism and the Basic Income (Part One), Aug 18;
Pour la création d’un revenu-socle par individu, Aug 18;
A Universal Basic Income and Work Incentives, Part 1: Theory, Aug 18;
Gaura Rader: Basic Income and The Role of the Market in Society, août 17;
De l’absolue nécessité d’un revenu universel: Comme dirait Coluche: Il parait qu’il y a cinq-millions de personnes qui veulent du travail. C’est pas vrai, de l’argent leur suffirait, par Agnès Maillard, dans Altermonde-sans-frontières, le 16 août;
Le revenu de base est un concept d’avenir, le 16 août;
John Aziz: The progressive case for ending the minimum wage, Aug 15;
An idea for the second machine age – a guaranteed standard of living for all: the free market right are exercised by BIG, the Basic Income Guarantee, Aug 15;
Mike Konczal: The Pragmatic Libertarian Case for a Basic Income Doesn’t Add Up, Aug 14;
Jamie Klinger: The other side of Basic Income – Basic Jobs, Aug 14;
UNITED STATES: Cato Unbound’s Series Sparks Basic Income Debate Among Libertarians, Aug 13;
Le revenu universel est inévitable, aoùt 13;
De l’absolue nécessité d’un revenu universel, aout 12;
Why reform conservatives should embrace a universal basic income, Aug 12;
Mickael B. Hoelman and Sugeng Bahagijo: Arguing for Indoenesian basic income, Aug 12;
ACOSS call for single welfare payment to cover life essentials, Aug 12;
Canadians spend more on taxes than basic needs – report, Aug 12;
Jim Manzi: When the Basic Income Guarantee Meets the Political Process, Aug 12;
Jagged Peak Announces Financial Results for the Second Quarter of 2014, Aug 11;
Lionsgate net income rises to $43.3 million, Aug 11;
Beneficiary bashing is an expensive strategy, Aug 11;
Paul Krugman: Libertarian Fantasies, Aug 10;
Jeremy Scheff: basic income vs. basic job, Aug 10;
Dylan Matthews: Giving everyone a basic income would work for the same reasons Social Security does, Aug 9;
Jesse Walker: Making the Welfare State Less Intrusive, Aug 7;
Elizabeth Nolan Brown: Libertarians Debate Basic Income Guarantee, Aug 7;
The seventh annual International Basic Income Week, coming up on September 15-21 2014: International – BIEN announces an “Ask Me Anything” series of internet events, published on BIEN, by Karl Widerquist, August 7 …;
Are online: -The Basic Income Subreddit; -Information about the grown of the BI Subreddit; -The IAMA subreddit;
The Conservative Case for a Guaranteed Basic Income, Aug 6;
Matt Zwolinski: The Pragmatic Libertarian Case for a Basic Income Guarantee, Aug 6;
UNITED STATES: Congressman Introduces a Climate Change Bill Involving a small Basic Income, Aug 6;
Gaura Rader: Is Basic Income Communism? Aug 4;
Le revenu universel est en marche, August 2;
John Danaher: Should we have a right not to work? August 2;
Thought Infection: Lay-Offs Should be Good News, August 1;

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