Requests for Information: 26 January – 1 February 2009

Received by mail:
From: Global HRE List Moderator
Date: 05/02/2009

1. SEEKING UPDATED CHART OF UN HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Greetings, I am seeking an organizational chart that includes the new Human Rights Council. The chart available at this UN website is out of date because it still displays the Commission on Human Rights. If anyone knows where I can find a current organizational chart, please send me a note. Thank you, Laurence Berg, Training Coordinator, Tel: (212) 845-5272, Fax: (212) 845-5299, e-mail.


2. LOOKING FOR PARTNERS, EVENTS AND DONORS TO WORK WITH KENYAN NGO: We are a youth organization located in Korogocho, Kenya founded in 2006. We work with the Korogocho community, especially with young people, to develop and promote spiritual thinking on human rights education/promotion, culture, volunteerism, civil society participation and democracy building, and health (HIV/AIDS and Drug abuse). We are looking for donors or partners that have worked or are working with youth organizations in Human Rights learning. If possible please, give your advice and opinions on:

  • 1. How we can create partnership and cooperation with your organization?
  • 2. In which sphere we can work and build partnership with your organization in near future?
  • 3. What we must do as a first step?
  • 4. Deadline of project application?
  • 5. Main project activities we can collaborate on and rules of your organization.

If you have any question or information on creating partnership and collaboration or about our association, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also seek to participate in international events and to exchange mutual experience for future cooperation. Thank you for your attention, consideration and forthcoming response. We believe we create useful and mutually trustful partnership with your organization in the near future. We impatiently await your answer. Sincerely, Rose Nyawira, Coordinator, Human Right City Kenya. Tel: +254720428986, e-mail.


3. LOOKING FOR CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES FOR HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION: I have been dealing with educational management, administration and leadership from 1990 to April 2008 as a teacher, head teacher in primary schools, as a co-coordinator for teacher resource centers, and as a District Education Academic Officer in Tanzania. Since then, I have been educating people about human rights education and the severe HIV/AIDS pandemic through seminars and workshops. I conducted research in Makete and the Mbeya districts in Tanzania. I want to get more knowledge and skills on human rights education, as I am dealing with human rights education in curriculum development in Tanzania. Yours, Adrehemu Johannes Kayombo, Curriculum Development Specialist and Coordinator-Civics, General Studies and Development Studies, Tanzania Institute of Education, P.O. BOX 35094, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Mobile: +255784766076, e-mail.


4. LOOKING FOR PARTNERS TO DEVELOP AND ORGANISE YOUTH GROUPS IN ORISSA, INDIA: Greetings from SSE, We an NGO working in Orissa, India since 1991. We work on issues of health, livelihood with Women, children, farmers and youth. In 2009, we have started to organise youth groups – our objectives are to spread human rights education, and address socio-economic issues and poverty to develop sustainable communities. We have a clear concept of the work and we have at present 10 youth groups, which will increase to a minimum of 100 soon. We do not have support from any partners. May we expect any help from You in this process? Regards, Krishna Hota (Dr. Ms.), President, Solidarity for Social equality (Human Rights Centre) Balangir, Orissa, Web, e-mail.

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