AIDS funding crisis

In 2005, one of the G8’s most significant commitments was to promise AIDS treatment for all who need it by 2010. If this target has any hope of becoming reality, it needs immediate and significant financing.

But world leaders are failing to stump up the cash, and as a result are threatening to scupper the groundbreaking treatment target less than one year after they agreed to it. The Global Fund – one of the key funders of AIDS treatment in the developing world – is being left high and dry by donor governments who are refusing to pay for any new projects in 2006. This is a potentially catastrophic state of affairs.

On World AIDS Day 2005, World Leaders met with the Stop AIDS Campaign. He told that ‘we need to be getting other countries to step up to the mark’ and fund the Global Fund.

Please write a letter to your Government and tell them to do exactly this now.

The decision as to whether there will be any new grants this year will be taken at an international meeting at the end of April. The Governments must show leadership, vote at the meeting for a new funding round to be launched, and urge other countries to do the same. Otherwise millions could be denied the treatment they urgently need.

Please send a brief hand-written or typed and signed letter to the Prime Minister of your Country.

Why not send an email? They are not provided, a personal letter has much more impact and is more likely to be received.

Please include some or all of the following points:

You showed great personal leadership last year in persuading world leaders to commit to universal access to AIDS treatment by 2010.

* This target is in danger of failing due to lack of funding.

The Global Fund must launch a round of new grants for 2006.

* This will be decided at the Board meeting on 27-28 April.
* No governments are currently supporting the launch of the funding round.

Your leadership is needed again to make last year’s promises into realities. Please:

* take the lead in calling for round 6 to be launched at the April Board meeting
* encourage other countries to support the launch
* persuade other countries to contribute increased money

Many thanks.

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