What people think on their nation’s foreign policy

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Most People Think Their Nation’s Foreign Policy Is Morally No Better Than Average: Global Poll …

… published on world public opinion.org, by a global poll, January 22, 2009.


The world is full of nationalistic people certain that their country is morally superior to others, right? Actually, a new WorldPublicOpinion.org poll of 21 nations around the world finds that people can be remarkably modest.

Asked to assess the morality of their nation’s foreign policy, in 19 out of 21 nations the most common answer is that their nation is about average or below average …

… Across all nations, the most common answer is that their nation’s foreign policy is about average, with 41 percent giving this response. The view that their nation is above average is only slightly higher than the view that it is below average – 24 percent said it is above average while 21 percent said it is below average.

“People around the world may actually be more realistic than is often assumed,” comments Steven Kull, director of WorldPublicOpinion.org, a collaborative project of research centers around the world managed by the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) at the University of Maryland … (full text).

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