Crossing Conflict Lines to Promote Good Governance

A Foreign Policy and Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement Event

Linked with Aisha Abubakr Subaira Adam – Sudan, and with DARFUR Peace and Development.

Published on, by Africa, Internal Displacement, Governance, Sudan, 17 Jan 2007.

Event Summary: This meeting was part of a series of events for women leaders from around the world organized by the Initiative for Inclusive Security and hosted by the Project. The panel included six women from across Sudan to discuss their work in promoting good governance in Sudan. Participants included representatives from NGOs, academics, and human rights practitioners. Sarah Martin from Refugees International moderated the discussion.

During the meeting, the women talked about their work in Sudan towards promoting good governance and improving the lives of Sudanese women by bringing them into society. The two major focus areas for their work were: 1) democracy and governance and 2) the effectiveness of government.

As women have been kept out of political life in Sudan, the new peace processes have become an opportunity for women to enter into the both the peace process and the political process … (full text).

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