Articles out of the Israel-Palestine struggle

These days I received a lot of articles from a person living inside this struggle. The articles were politely formulated and seemed correspond to a lived reality, but obviously the writer sustained strongly one part and condemned the other part.

I refused the publishing and explained this with the following mail:

Dear … ,

Thank you for the articles and video material you send to to be published.

I accept that all what you write corresponds to reality. And that in this Israel-Palestine war the people of both sides suffer and have all reasons to be angry.

I am an old European/Swiss woman and publish on this blog construction articles for development and human rights, and also about its abuses.

I watch that since 3 weeks the whole world mainstream media is condemning Israel, because of their reaction for wanting no more receive bombs out of Gaza. Since, and before I have published not any  article condemning Isreal directly.

But I am also aware of the following: I consider the situation totally stuck, each bord sees the other side only as their wallpaper and do not recognish their reality. All had been said since a long time and both sides do not listen in any way to anyone, stating they are the only one who are right. At least officially.

This is what I am aware from the outside. I know well, that I would be different in my reactions when living inside. And probably I would have choosen one side.

But, as I said, both parts no more see the other part as being part of their life. Both have too many people wanting eliminate the other side (and unfortunatel they are crying louder than the reasonable ones, and the main media are mixing in – in a sad way).

But for all this reasons I no more publish articles about Israel-Palestine. It is just jokeless.

I published people from both sides on my world people’s blogs, persons who are half a way a little bit sane, not only crying revenge, but then I stopped, as even the Palestinian peace-women are not out of this battle.

You may find this persons on this page (scroll down):

You’ll find:

for Israel I presented:
Aida Touma-Suliman 28 Sept 2006
Anat Biletzki 04 May 2006
Mordechai Vanunu 16 Oct 2005
Nurit Peled 14 Apr 2006
Rela Mazali 04 Jan 2006
Yael Lerer 21 Apr 2006

and during this January 2009 (will be added to this list at the end of this month):

2009-01-08: Haya Shalom – Israel;

2009-01-11: Angelica Edna Calo’ Livne – Israel and Italy;

and for Palestine I presented:
Izzat GHAZZAWI 16 Apr 2006 (1951 – 2003)

and this month, in January 2009, you can find:

2009-01-07: Hanan Ashrawi – Palestine;

2009-01-09: Nafeesa Al Deek – Palestine;

2009-01-10: Zahira Kamal – Palestine;

2009-01-12: Salma Khadra Jayyusi – Palestine;

… and on January 11 I published: Israeli theater group encourages Arab and Jewish youngsters to take off their masks.

I published also two comments about this battle:

Israel and Palestine in these times, Jan. 5, 2009,

and Israel & Palestine on my blogs, May 16, 2007

Sorry, that’s all what I made since two years, since I decided to stop participating in this mess (which is a huge human tragedy). I am sorry not to be able to help you more.

I know that both sides are fully conscient of their only rights – but seen from outside this battle looks very sick. I really do not know how to help, but surely not when entering the battle itself.

Hope you can live with that.

Kindly, Heidi Barathieu-Brun
Geneva Office of AEHRF /

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