Global HIV/AIDS: Five Leadership Issues

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Published on, by Chinua Akukwe, January 16, 2009.

The 2008 World AIDS Day focused on leadership issues. The focus on leadership is very appropriate as the future looks uncertain regarding a continued global resolve to contain the defining health challenge of our time. The change of guard at UNAIDS with the departure of the long term chief, Peter Piot, is a case in point. The continuing global financial crisis calls into question the capacity of G-8 nations and other Western countries to increase or maintain their level of support for AIDS remedial efforts in poor countries. The capacity of resource-challenged and AIDS-hard hit nations to mobilize national support is also compromised by continued food crises and growing rates of poverty. Despite notable success in the global fight against HIV/AIDS, 7,500 individuals contract HIV every day and at least 6,000 people die of AIDS every day …

… Conclusion:

The fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic has been ongoing for at least two decades. Significant strides have been made, especially in the last ten years, with more funding available and more individuals on life saving medicines. However, the future looks uncertain as the global financial crisis bites. The scenario of more than six million people unable to access lifesaving medicines, and 7,500 people infected with HIV everyday despite widespread preventive programs, is unsettling. The 2008 World AIDS Day appropriately focused on leadership. The future of the global fight against HIV/AIDS will depend on strong leadership at all levels. In this article, I discussed five important global leadership issues in the fight against HIV/AIDS. (full text).

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