Israel and Palestine in these times

I am not publishing and writing on Israel and Palestine … actually everybody does.

Yes, I feel compassion for both sides. Both are suffering. Also both claim this country being their’s. Too many say: only their’s.

But both communities are living in a dream bubble, an imaged construction what reality should be for them. This dream replaces a sane objective attitude concerning the other people’s reality on this same place.

Most of the habitants of both communities are not listening the other side and live in their dream bubble … except (for ex) some peacewomen, part of the 1000peacewomen project for the Nobel Price in 2005*.

Yes, militarly spoken Israel is much stronger, and is given therefore more responsibility. When I educated my two sons, I told the older one: you are stronger, you have more responsibility. But this only to a certain degree. When they grew up I had to tell them, now, you are both responsible.

Since we learned how so called weaker nations are able to fight a bigger army with multiple small attacks.

Also remember my comment of May 16, 2007: Israel and Palestine on my blogs.

* Peacewomen of Israel, not yet published on my blogs:

  • Haya Shalom (Israel)
  • Angelica Livne (Israel)
  • Nabila Espanioly (Israel)
  • Amal Alh’jooj (Israel)
  • Ruchama Marton (Israel)

I published Rela Mazali (Israel), on January 4, 2006; Anat Biletzki (Israel)  on May 4th, 2006; and Aida Touma-Suliman (Israel). on September 28th, 2006.

Peacewomen of Palestine, not yet published on my blogs:

  • Issam Abdul-Hadi (Palestine)
  • Yusra Berberi (Palestine)
  • Nafeesa Al Deek (Palestine)
  • Zahira Kamal (Palestine)
  • Salma Jayyusi (Palestine)
  • Amneh Al-Rimawi (Palestine)
  • Hanan Ashrawi (Palestine)
  • Amneh Kamal Sulaiman (Palestine)

OK, now it time to publish these peacwomen on my blogs. I’ll begin this on Wednesday. But only the peacewomen, as all the rest is wasted time, as long as both communities remain in their respective dream bubble.

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