Information request: HRE (human rights-education) and South-South Cooperation

Received by e-mail, From: Veerle Devriendt, Date: 25/03/2014

Dear Colleagues, Together with three other LSE-students (MSc Development Management and MSc Anthropology & Development Management) we are writing a report about Human Rights Education (HRE) and South South Cooperation (SSC) for the Inter-American Institute for Human Rights (IIDH). This consultancy project aims to explore the most effective ways to create cooperation in the area of HRE within Latin America (prioritizing South America), and between this region and Africa and their constituent countries, institutions and civil society, including international organizations.  

Our research is mainly desk-based. However, we are still looking to better grasp the challenges and opportunities that are perceived on the field today. We still struggle with some questions and would be most grateful to receive some feedback from experts on the field.

Questions we are facing:

  • What are the main challenges for HRE today in Africa and South America? And in relation to SSC?
  • Are there country-specific conditions for successful HRE: democratic state, strong civil society, others … ? Why?
  • Do you think HRE is in the interest of the state? If so, why?
  • How do you see the relation between the state and civil society in the area of HRE? Do you think cooperation is necessary? If the case, how would you stimulate this cooperation?
  • Are SSC a feasible option for HRE programs within Latin America? Between Latin America and Africa? If the case, how would you stimulate growing attention for HRE in SSC? What organizations or partners do you find relevant for Latin America and Africa?

Any feedback can be sent by e-mail to Veerle Devriendt.
Best wishes …


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