Hours Before a Watershed Year

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Received by mail:
From: World Pulse
Date: 30/12/2008

Your deliberate action in these last hours of 2008 will lay the foundation to make 2009 a watershed year for women worldwide! Even The New York Times is taking notice of how women are the key for global change, and is recommending World Pulse to its readers.

Together, we forge media channels enabling women’s voices to rise, through the collaboration of visionary Sustainers, Transformers, Inspirers, and others, like you. If you haven’t already, please join our unique community of supporters by giving a gift to World Pulse today.

World Pulse is a 501 c 3 (non-profit) organization, and all gifts made or pledged by midnight, 12/31/08, can be deducted 100% as charitable contributions in 2008. You will receive a receipt of your 2008 donation for tax purposes right away.

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