Joint Nordic initiative on Zimbabwe

Published on The Norway Post, by Rolleiv Solholm, Dec. 22, 2008.


Missing HR activist Jestina Mukoko – Zimbabwe

In a joint statement the Foreign Ministers of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) say that the misrule of Robert Mugabe must come to an end and respect for human rights be reinstated in Zimbabwe. They say the Nordic countries have a long tradition of engagement with Zimbabwe and other countries in Southern Africa …

… The Nordic ministers say the political agreement between Zanu-PF and MDC of 15 September 2008 gave rise to some hope for Zimbabwe’s future. Regrettably three months have passed without the creation of a coalition government. The Nordic countries call on the parties to reach an agreement without delay respecting the will of the people of Zimbabwe expressed in the elections of 29 March. Negotiations must be conducted in a sincere manner by all sides. In this respect the unilateral decisions to appoint new provincial governors and to confirm the appointment of the Governor of the Reserve Bank go against this spirit.

The Nordic countries call for an end to the misrule of Robert Mugabe and of the disrespect for democratic principles and human rights – which are core issues underlying the Nordic engagement and support for the liberation struggles in Southern Africa.

The Nordic countries reiterate the importance of strong, energetic and persistent involvement in efforts to solve the crisis by the SADC, the African Union and the UN. The Nordic countries remain committed to supporting the economic and social recovery of Zimbabwe aiming for the sustainable development of the country once a reliable and credible government has been formed and once tangible signals have been shown in key areas, in particular human rights. (full text).


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