Journalists abducted in Zimbabwe

Published on Zimbabwe

  • by Sokwanele, Dec. 14, 2008: This sms just received: A  quiet and honest journalist was abducted from his home in Harare today. His name is Andrisson Manyere. There is extreme concern. He is an accredited freelance journalist.
  • by LocalNews, Dec. 15, 2008: Prominent Zimbabwean human rights activist, Jestina Mukoko and two senior MDC officials are being held in a remote location in Kariba and ZANU PF plans to use them as ransom to force the MDC to enter into an all inclusive government, a source tellsMetro. “They are still alive,at least for now”, the source said, but refused to reveal the exact location where the captives are kept but told us that its a remote location in the Kariba area where the government also keeps anyone suspected of espionage,working for the CIA or M16 … (full text).

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