On Ending War

Video with David Swanson, 29.27 min, published on Z Video (first on world beyond war.org), March 2, 2014 (also on YouTube).

Some related Links:


William Hague calls for end to rape as weapon of war, on BBC news/UKpolitics, Feb 26, 2014;
Ending Wars, on Diplomatic Courier, by Christopher Holshek, August 2, 2012;
Viewpoint: Ending wars peacefully just got harder, on BBC news/world, by Andy Carl, June 29, 2010;
Ending Wars and Building Peace: International Responses to War-Torn Societies, on American University, Washington DC, by Charles T. Call and Elizabeth M. Cousens, 2008, 21 pdf-pages;


Ending Wars, by Feargal Cochrane: on polity.co.uk; on amazon;
How Wars End, by Dan Reier: on Princeton Univ.Press.

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