The left needs to resist the forces of reaction in Venezuela and Ukraine

Published on Socialist Unity SU, by Editorial Team, Feb 23, 2014.

“VENEZUELA isn’t Ukraine. Right-wing fascists are not going to impose themselves here,” Cilia Flores told a rally of government supporters in Caracas at the weekend.

Flores, the wife of President Nicolas Maduro, was correct to identify imperialism’s hand between the daily street confrontations in the Venezuelan capital, which have mirrored events in Kiev.

She is also right to conclude that Venezuela’s government has been more resolute in responding to far-right provocations than President Viktor Yanukovych was in Ukraine.  

Having suffered a mercifully brief coup in 2002, the Bolivarian regime would not allow the opposition to set up a semi-permanent camp outside the national assembly from which to direct armed attacks on police, occupy official buildings and provide a convenient drop-in centre for visiting imperialist politicians from Catherine Ashton to Joe Biden.

Ukrainian opposition politician Yulia Tymoshenko told supporters, following her release from jail at the weekend, that the “dictatorship” had fallen.

In fact, whatever the considerable faults of Yanukovych, he was elected president in a free election, defeating the same Tymoshenko who, during her premiership, tarnished her own poster-girl image from the 2004 supposed Orange “Revolution.”

Both Yanukovych and Tymoshenko are linked to a tiny elite of oligarchs who made rapid fortunes in the years following the collapse of Soviet power.

Tymoshenko herself became immensely rich through involvement in the gas industry, selling Russian supplies to the Ukrainian market and earning the sobriquet “gas princess” for her efforts.

To imagine that she, her supporters or her right-wing competitors to succeed Yanukovych represent a further “revolution” is fanciful … //

… Lopez has unveiled a new stage of opposition called La Salida (Exit), whereby daily street disturbances, including targeted killings, are the order of the day, only to be blamed on Maduro supporters by the media.

The intention is to generate such chaos as to provoke public antipathy to the Maduro government or force it to use counterproductive repressive measures to quash violence.

As with Ukraine, the US-funded Venezuelan opposition, has effectively refused to abide by inconvenient election results and is set on overthrowing the Bolivarian revolution by any means possible.

Venezuela’s revolution needs international support, which is coordinated in Britain by the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign. Still greater labour movement backing for VSC is essential for the truth to penetrate mass media misrepresentation.
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