New Paradigm


Freedom to discriminate? Controversial Arizona bill takes step toward becoming law, on Russia Today RT, Feb 21, 2014: The Arizona state Senate approved legislation Wednesday permitting businesses in the state to refuse service to potential customers based on an owner’s religious beliefs, infuriating equal rights advocates who claim the bill legalizes LGBT discrimination …;

Video: Arizona Legislators Pass Anti-Gay Bill, 58.25 min, uploaded by The Big Picture RT, Feb 21, 2014: Tonight’s “Big Picture Rumble” discusses Arizona’s anti-gay bill, the Michael Dunn “loud music trial” and what the FCC will do with the net neutrality ruling. In tonight’s “Conversations with Great Minds” Thom talks with Professor Anthony Townsend, author of the new book “Smart Cities”;

Constructing the Deception of the Anti-Government “Protests” in Venezuela: A Photo Gallery, on Global, by Dawqs Blog, Feb 16, 2014;

Video: US-Backed Venezuelan Opposition trying to use Ukraine-style Protests to Take Power, 5.05 min, uploaded by Global Research TV, Feb 16, 2014;

Central African Republic/Bangui Airport Refuge, a humanitarian catastrophe, 3.10 min, uploaded by UNHCR, Feb 13, 2014: … and 3 other videos in autoplay;

Video: … and they will hang you and they will be right (Europ.Parliament Nov 21, 2013), 1.23 min, uploaed by J’ai Un Doute, Dec 9, 2013.

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